Our experienced team of industry experts in working at height and confine space entry are on hand to support you in identifying site hazards relating to working at height and working in confine spaces, we offer our consultancy services to you

We are here to work with you to identify your hazards evaluation the risks and designing control measures and reviewing your systems as required, we can design systems for you and training your team members and project manage the implementation of your working at height or confine space system.

Confine space identification
We visit your businesses to assist you in identifying your Confine space identification by site surveys and writing a report identifying your confine spaces.

Taking notes

Site Surveys
Site surveys identify hazards relating to working at height or confine spaces, we will produce a report so you can manager the risks on site

Policy and Procedures
We can assist in designing a writing procedure to enable your team members to work safely or improve the policy’s or procures you have in place.

Hazard Analysis
Identifying hazards on site and designing control measures to limit the risk to your business.

Emergency Evacuation Procedures
We can offer designing emergency evacuation plans for your site.

Fall Protection Plan
A fall protection plan is required whenever a worker is working at height. Government regulations require written​ plans be available to all workers. The plan must be available at the work site before work where there is a potential for a fall. Workers affected by the fall protection plan must be trained in all its elements and the plan must be made available to them. We can assist you to design fall protection plans for your business

Rescue Plans
Designing rescue plans and then training your team members on the rescue plans A strategy planned in advance, to retrieve a person who has fallen, in a full body harness and a plan on how to rescue them safely.